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The Team

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Cristina Valverde - Producer | Director

Cristina is a filmmaker with a breadth of experience as a producer, cinematographer, visual artist, and creative consultant. She has worked on numerous documentary films & commercials since 2014, bringing with her over 16-years of experience as a wellness practitioner and wilderness guide.  Through film & multimedia she bridges the worlds of ecological wellness, celebration of culture, and creative storytelling.  Cristina co-founded Collective Filmworks LLC an indie film production company. She is a co-producer of “The Flow”, an enviro-doc in post-production. She recently filmed for the short doc “Pomo Land Back: Prayer from the Forest”, an official selection of 4 film festivals this year including the American Indian & the Red Nation film festivals.

John B. Henderson - Associate Producer | Creative Development

John comes from a family of storytellers. Traditional film & theater education has directed his natural skill of writing and understanding the human condition into capturing it through the craft of cinema. He specializes in mixed media and indie documentary work, focusing on unique stories with environmental, socio-economic, and Indigenous rights interests. John is a co-owner of Collective Filmworks LLC. He is a co-producer of the film "The Flow", a cinematic enviro-doc, currently in production.

Film Mentors & Contributors

Ben Goldfarb [Acclaimed journalist, Beaver Believer, & prize-winning author of Eager: the surprising secret life of beavers & why they matter]. Research mentor.

Deborah Koons-Garcia [Award-winning filmmaker of The Future of Food & Symphony of the Soil]. Film Production mentor.

Vivien Hillgrove [Acclaimed editor of films including Blue Velvet; Amadeus; The Right Stuff; The Unbearable Lightness of Being; Happy. Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences member.]. Storytelling mentor.

Andrew Hasse [Editor of Cop Car; Creative Control. Director of Edible City; Elf Help; etc.]. Editing mentor, Creative writing team.

Suzanne Husky [Visual artist & UK beaver advocate]. Co-Creator for Beaver Vignette film shoot (May 2022), shown at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France & the Today Museum in Beijing, China. 

Evan-Marie Petit [Documentary photographer & filmmaker. Producer of "Pomo Land Back: Prayer from the Forest" & The Flow]. Creative collaborator & documentary photographer for "Ali Meders-Knight portrait film shoot" October 2022. 

Emmett Brennan [Award-winning documentary filmmaker of Reflection: A Walk with Water & Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective]. Pre-production support, Creative writing team.

Mischa Hedges [Award-winning documentary filmmaker. TrimTab Media production company]. Film Production mentor & production support through local film community connection.


A Special Thanks to my incredible friends & family who have offered their support, feedback, and joy for the success of this project and this work in the world.

This film would surely not be the same without you. 

Collaborative Partners

Click to engage further with the partners & projects featured in this film.

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